Tree Removal Jackson Mississippi

Tree removal in Jackson Mississippi is very important. Can you imagine having trees and being unable to remove them when they prove dangerous or even if you just want to change up your landscape and how it looks?

Professional Tree Removal Services

We are always available whenever you need a professional to cut down your tree safely and without damaging any property.

Most people are now turning to DIY tree removal without thinking about how dangerous the entire process is. First, you need to use various tools that can cause injury when used improperly or carelessly. You can also fall off a ladder and get seriously injured. Secondly, the falling branches can break or crush fences, cars, windows and other people’s property as well. the amount you would need to repair the damages is astounding. It is therefore best to get us to do it. we are certified professionals and are also licensed.

This protects you against any liability for injuries incurred on your property and any damages caused to property as we provide the services.

Tree Removal Process

The tree removal process involves:

First Contact and Assessment

The first step is for you to reach out to us. Our representatives are always readily available. If we miss your call, then we will call you back immediately. After that, we visit your site. First, we evaluate everything that needs to be done as well as how healthy your trees and other plants are. With this, we advise on the way forward and give you a quote to communicate how much the entire process will cost. Our quotes are obligation free and you can consider whether you want to carry on with our services.


Allocation of Duties

Our professional team will call to confirm the date and time of the tree removal process in your home or place of business. with this, we will then arrive on time and set up any equipment that needs special handling. The foreman then allocates tasks and duties to every member of the team. Some people are on crane operation, others on cutting and lowering while others are stationed at the wood chipper.

Cutting Branches

The next step is to cut off the branches one by one. each branch is cut into manageable sections. It is then lowered to the ground piece by piece. These pieces are handed over to the team in charge of the wood chipper. They are fed into the chipper and the process continues until every branch has been cut off.

Cutting the Trunk

Now that the branches have been severed from the main trunk, it is time to move on to the trunk. It is also cut piece by piece, starting from the top. We cut the trunk and leave about four to six inches of stump.

Depending on the preference you communicated, the wood from the trunk is either loaded onto a waiting truck or stacked in a neat pile in your yard. Some people prefer to keep the wood for the winter. It comes in handy as firewood. However, others prefer to have it hauled away as they don’t have a fireplace and instead have other ways to keep warm during these seasons.

Again, depending on what you indicated in the beginning, we leave the stump intact for you to use it as a planter or for anything else you would want. In other cases, we grind the stump and refill the hole with the mulch. We will not need to replace the top soil. This is the reason why most people prefer stump grinding to removal.

Cleaning Up and Waste Disposal

One of the most annoying habits that some tree removal experts have is the inability to clean up. you definitely don’t want a yard that is full of wood and other pieces of debris. It forces you to clean up and beats the purpose of having a professional remove the tree in the first place. we are keen on clearing and cleaning up. we have a team that ensures your yard is spick and span. Furthermore, we replace anything that might have been moved specifically for the tree removal process. This way, you are left with a clean and beautiful yard minus one or more trees.


If you would like to have a tree removed, get in touch with us today and we will provide you with the service at an affordable price. With us, you will not be disappointed!