Stump Grinding Jackson Mississippi

After you have had a tree removed from your yard, you can choose to get additional stump grinding services or to retain the stump. Although a professional might offer you advice on what to do, the decision is ultimately yours.
We offer professional stump grinding services at affordable rates for those in Jackson Mississippi. Whether you have decided to grind your stump immediately after tree removal or after keeping it around for some time, get in touch with us and we will do it.

Removal versus Grinding a Stump

There are various ways to deal with a stump after tree removal. The first way is to keep it around and use it as a planter or for any other purpose you might think of. The second way is to remove the stump from the roots. This can become complicated if the roots had spread far, wide and deep into the ground. This takes a lot of time and energy. Furthermore, you will need to fill the hole left behind with new top soil. The entire process requires a lot of work and is thus expensive.

The last way is to grind the stump and refill the hole with the mulch from the original stump. With this process, you don’t have to deal with roots. All you need to do is leave them in the ground. They will eventually decay and die. This is the method that most people prefer because it is affordable. It also takes less time and allows you to keep your landscaping as is. You can be done in a day and you don’t have to replace the top soil.

Reasons for Eliminating a Stump

Now that there is the option to keep the stump, why would you prefer to remove it instead? The answer is simple as there are a number of reasons:

  • Stumps begin to rot and decay thus forming a great habitat for pests and insects. Such infestations can easily spread to other plants in the area or even to your house
  • If you have children, they can trip or fall onto these stumps and end up hurt
  • Stumps can be unsightly and dampen the entire aesthetic value of your yard
  • If you want to change up your landscaping, you need to remove the stump to make room

How Do You Grind a Stump?

After you have decided that you need to grind your stump, the next step is to call us. We will then agree on the time and date and start on the grinding process. For this, we use a stump grinder with a rotating blade at the front. This machine can be dangerous if it isn’t handled by a trained professional. This is why we always advise against DIY stump grinding. Our professionals are trained. We know how to operate the stump grinder safely.

For the actual grinding process, the rotating blade moves back and forth over the stump, grinding about two inches at a time until the entire stump is no more. The machine turns the stump into small wood chips or mulch.

During tree removal, about four to six inches of a stump is left behind. Grinding focuses on about six to eight inches of the stump from the base. This hole is then filled with the mulch that is rake into place. Once the process is complete, you will not be able to tell that there ever was a tree in the same place.

Stump Grinding Costs

Some people are afraid to grind their stumps because it might be expensive. Like with every other service in Jackson Mississippi, we first see what needs to be done on the site. For this, we assess the size of the stump – height and circumference. We also determine where it is located and any surrounding property that might factor into the process. After this is done, we can accurately estimate the cost.

We always clearly communicate any cost implication of the stump grinding process before we embark on riding your yard of it. Furthermore, we offer affordable prices so you are able to get value for your money.

Call Us

If you would like to know more about stump grinding, get in touch with us. We are ready and willing to answer any questions that you might have. If, on the other hand, you decide that you want these services straightaway, call us and we will respond immediately. Our experts will attend to you and provide you with the best services.